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Wagyu Outside Skirt

Wagyu Outside Skirt

Rough, stringy, expected more

This was my first purchase from Wodagyu after a recommendation from a friend. He had ordered the Denver steak and it was delicious, tender when I tried it. I cooked the NY strip on a gas grill to a medium rare to medium at worst using a meat thermometer. The meat was not tender but more chewy, stringy, and not pleasant. I ordered 4 and 3 of those were like this to the point that my family did not finish the steaks. I was very much disappointed. I have two Denver cuts in the freezer but I'm not rushing to cook those based on this experience.

Delivery was fast, courteous driver who made sure to call and hand deliver so that the meat did not sit outside in the hot Texas sun. I very much appreciated this effort, which accounts for the 2 stars.

Wagyu Ground Beef
Lori Farson
Great product cooks wonderfully!

First time ordering and can say we will order again, the wagyu ground beef has far exceeded our expectations very little fat which makes cooking nice! The taste is amazing! Shipping was quick as promised I would highly recommend this product and company

Wagyu Ground Beef
Les Tilley


Pure awesomeness!

This is the best tasting ground beef we have ever used. So glad our kids introduced us to this product. We will certainly continue to order more.

Butcher Selection Box
Megan Allbritton

Butcher Selection Box

Wagyu Ground Beef
Kerron Moore
Great Meat

I love the wagyu ground beef. It makes good meat loaf, some good tacos and good meat sauce for spaghetti.

Wagyu Tomahawk Steak
Gueliano Tucker
Restaurant quality cut

Cooking is only part of what makes your meal great, but the other part is starting with quality ingredients...and this is absolutely that

Wagyu Denver Steak
Gary Simpson
Fantastic Steak

The Denver Steak is now my most favorite cut. Very tender (much more than a Strip) and great taste.

Wagyu Ground Beef
Patrick Querubin

Wagyu Ground Beef

Wagyu Flat Iron Steak
antonio romani

No flavor at all.

first time.

this was the first time we ever grilled a steak this thick so when we thought it was med., we served it and it was rare very rare, i gave the fat off the steak to my dog and the next day had to rush my dog to the vet the fat from the steak made my dog sick for a week plus $200.00 vet. bill.

Wagyu Ground Beef
Edward Carroll
So much better

They have a great product, this is so much better than what you can get at the store

Best ground beef ever!!!

This ground beef is soooooo good!! My whole family loves it and when I’m cooking it, the house smells amazing! Like I’m cooking big fat steaks!! Most certainly will be a reorder item. (Which I’ve already done)

Wagyu Ground Beef
Robert Evans
ground beef

this is the best ground beef ive ever eaten. i was afraid ,because its packed so tight that it would be dense like pre made patties, it was not. it was tender juicy and perfect texture. im hooked , and i tell all my friends and co workers. we got together and bought almost 60 lbs .

Wagyu Filet Mignon
Mark Canfield

Best tenderloib I ever ate !

Great quality!

I make the best fajitas on either side of the Mississippi, but when you start with great quality meat to begin with it makes it that much easier. Definitely recommend!

Wagyu Filet Mignon
Amber Showalter
Love Flying Cow and Wodagyu

Always a delight. Friendly staff and quality products.

Wagyu Ground Beef
Carol Patty
Once Tried No Going Back

Very good!! Thank you for such an awesome deal on this delicious heart healthy beef!

Wagyu New York Strip
TH in Missouri
Great Steaks

These were the best steaks I’ve ever ordered! Very nice cuts and the exceptional rich buttery flavor of Waygu beef. I will be ordering again soon!

Wagyu Ground Beef
Kevin Lawrence

I love everything about this business and its products. We are now hooked!

Wagyu Ribeye
Quan Phan
False advertising

From the pictures and the details said wagyu ribeye. When I received it wasn’t even close too the picture or details. Never again

Tasty hamburger

I placed an order for 5lbs of hamburger. It was delivered quickly and frozen. I will order again!

Wagyu Ground Beef
L. Mccloud
Awesome Flavor

The ground beef was Awesome. My wife and I made homemade hamburgers and they came out Great. You all have the Best products. I have review a couple of your products on my YouTube channel called Mr Veteran Vlogs.

Wagyu Brisket
Rick Wade

The 12 lb brisket trimmed out to about 9 lbs. Perfect.
Injected with my own concoction and refrigerated overnight.
Seasoned in the morning and refrigerated overnight.
Smoked at 250 deg on a Komodo Kamado for about 9-10 hrs (including a paper wrap at 155 deg with additional rub, unsalted butter, beef broth, and a touch of brown sugar.
Results were fantastic.
One of the best slow smoked briskets I’ve made. Guests were all amazed.