Gyu Box

A variety of the very best Kobe Beef cuts. This Wagyu box contains exquisite quality of marbling and includes Ribeye, Filet, Sirloin, and NY Strip. The ultimate steak sampler and the perfect holiday dinner.

Ribeye (1.5" thick) - 2 x 0.8 lbs (Approximately)
New York Strip (1.5" thick) - 2 x 0.75 lbs (Approximately)
Filet Mignon - 2 x 0.5 lbs (Approximately)
Top Sirloin Filet - 1 x 1lb (Approximately)
Zabuton Steak - 2 x .65 lbs (Approximately)
Wagyu Ground Beef - 2 x 1lb (Approximately)
Carcass Hanged Dry Aged - 21+ Days
Individually wrapped 
Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially thawed