Wagyu Denver Steak

  • 100% natural, no added hormones
  • Dry-aged 21+ days for improved flavor and texture
  • Individually wrapped
  • Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially thawed
  • All weights are approximations. Weights will vary 0.3lbs +/-

An overlooked cut which is only now getting it’s due the Denver, or Zabuton, Steak comes from the underside of the chuck roll and possesses an intense beefy flavor. Zabuton means ‘little pillow’ in Japanese because the cut is so immensely marbled with fat, leaving it soft and tender. The Denver Steak’s flavor really comes out when cooked to the rare to medium-rare range making this a great cut to throw on the grill.

Customer Reviews

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penghan Wang
Good meat

Love the 🥩

Customer SD
Great, unique cut

Love the Denver steak. Flying Cow is a superb local business with great steak. If I could have one wish - their processor would dry age for 45-days. 45 days seems to be the primo time but 3-weeks is common in Texas. Not a ding on the Denver just a wish!

Sean Stewart
Denver Deliciousness

My first order from Wodagyu and very pleased. This is a delicious steak and a nice value comparatively with other options. I've been happy with my entire order and the service as Wodagyu is very responsive to customers.