Wagyu Denver Steak

Ships from Texas

  • 100% natural, no added hormones
  • Dry-aged 21+ days for improved flavor and texture
  • Individually wrapped
  • Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially thawed
  • All weights are approximations. Weights will vary 0.3lbs +/-

An overlooked cut which is only now getting it’s due the Denver, or Zabuton, Steak comes from the underside of the chuck roll and possesses an intense beefy flavor. Zabuton means ‘little pillow’ in Japanese because the cut is so immensely marbled with fat, leaving it soft and tender. The Denver Steak’s flavor really comes out when cooked to the rare to medium-rare range making this a great cut to throw on the grill.

Customer Reviews

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Phillip Velupillai
Denver steaks

I've ordered many Denver steaks from wodagyu I loved them all! The only thing that's keeping me from rating them at 5 stars in that some will come with lots of marbling similar to the pictures they advertise on there Instagram and honesii have received a few that look just like those. However I have also received many Denver's that have a lot less marbling and aren't even close to the amount of marbling to the ones they advertise on there Instagram. But non the less they were still very tasty and if I had never received the highly marbled ones I wouldn't even had mentioned it.

Christopher Newton
Wagyu Dever-Cut Slam-Dunk!

I cooked a couple of these Wagyu Denver cuts for mother's day and what a win! I noticed she ate the entire steak! That said it for me to know she really enjoyed it. I recommend anyone give these a try.

richard williams

The meat is amazing. We will order again soon.